Piney Woods Pinic

Piney Woods Pinic

Piney Woods Pinic

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About Us


About the Picnic


The Piney Woods Picnic September 15th, 16th, and 17th, 2017, was established to create awareness for preservation of the Bouie and Leaf Rivers, and the American music deeply rooted in the region right through the “birthplace of rock and roll.” Through social media, seminars, events and an annual two day festival in the early fall, we intend to reach out to the general population offering information on how to enhance environmental and economic revitalization through organizations like the Land Trust of the Mississippi Coastal Plains and the support of local musicians.

The Pascagoula River System is the largest unimpeded waterway in the “lower 48”, and its Bouie and Leaf tributaries are considered some of the best paddling in Mississippi. Traveled by Choctaw and utilized in the virgin pine boom of the late 19th century, the rivers have changed very little. Our goal is to assist the Piney Woods Land Trust (a soon to be subsidiary of the Land Trust of the Mississippi Coastal Plains: in raising funds to maintain lands donated or purchased for preservation and/or ecotourism.

The state of Mississippi is often subdivided into five regions. The Delta, Central Plains, and Hill Country each have their unique style of the blues. The Piney Woods and Coast have been the blender for blues, country, R & B, jazz, New Orleans horns, and (sorry Elvis and Tupelo) in 1936 the Mississippi Jook Band recorded Barbeque Bust and Dangerous Woman in Hattiesburg featuring “fully formed guitar riffs and a stomping rock & roll beat.” (Robert Palmer pg4…History of Rock and Roll) We intend to support the art of music and its development by our native sons and daughters through workshops and networking with supporter’s gifts and grants.

But let us not forget our unspoken mission; to have fun! 3

Our intention is to team up with area businesses to provide a fun and safe environment while sharing information with our attendees. The sponsorships they provide help us reach a larger audience, provide resources for conservation efforts, scholarships and benefits for musicians. Our long-term goals include 501©3 status and possibly a physical location for a Piney Woods Picnic Hall of Fame.

Camping at it’s best!
The best way to enjoy the Piney Woods Picnic is to join the community of campers who move in for three days….Who wants to be driving back and forth all weekend when we have something for everyone….Cabins, Recreational Vehicles and of course, tents.
RV campsites are available for $50.00 Thursday 5pm until Sunday 3:30pm and includes water and electric hookups and a dump station on the premises.
Primitive campsites are available with a weekend pass for $50.00.  Bring your cooler in for $10.00 and you’re set with access to communal baths and showers.  Get there early to pick out the best site and wait for your friends to join you.
Are you’re a dedicated tent camper, but you don’t want to haul a lot of food and drinks in with you?  We have VIP Primitive Camping for $50 before September 1st, then they will be $85.00.  That gets you a  campsite, communal baths and showers, access to VIP areas, and shuttle from VIP area to Stage area.
Or, go big with 11 of your closest friends and get a cabin for $850.  You get 12 weekend passes with the cabin, an indoor private bathroom, air conditioning and will be among the best spots to be for the Picnic.   A couple of the cabins can sleep up to 16 people and they all go pretty quickly, so act fast if that’s your option.

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