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Mark Mann

Many have tried, but very few have succeeded to fuse Rock and Country in a manner palatable to fans of both. Mark Mann easily straddles the line between both creating an unforgettable, catchy sound that’s sure to get every toe in the house tappin’.

Mark Mann was born in Covina, CA but raised in Hattiesburg, MS, the true home of Rock n’ Roll according to the 1960 edition of Rolling Stone’s Illustrated History of Rock n’ Roll. His parents, Christian fundamentalists, all but banned Rock music from his home with “the irony being that mid-70’s Country music and ‘Days of our Lives’ seemed to be ok for a 5 year-old kid,” he says with a laugh.

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Mark Mann’s Marked Men:
Scott Street (aka Dollar Bill)
Scott Chism (Scott Chism and The Better Half)
Allen Mann (Mark’s lil bro)